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Baltic Education Center

We are a specialized organization in providing B2B services to educational organizations worldwide, also we are able to collaborate with digital transformation processes, calling on professionals and experts in various disciplines such as technology, strategy, marketing, advertising, sales, etc.


We have professionals who will help you rethink your business, analyze the impact of the digital world on your customers, workers and the industry in general. Anticipating the changes that will happen in the world, it allows you to improve your value proposition and survive when the world changes.


An organization without technology can not exist in today's world, and we are referring to the things that allow us to set up an efficient and effective business model, with processes that add value and that allows leverage to achieve a commercial and financial impact.


At Baltic Education Center, we offer B2B services, which have been implemented in various educational organizations in the United States, Chile, Peru and Spain.


We implemented a complete LMS for the educational institution, we can show it on our servers or on the client's server, and we also provide the LMS administration service. 

Learning resources 

We build online classrooms that carry out an effective teaching-learning process, with very didactic resources, that use various multimedia resources and guarantee the ability to develop new skills.

Digital marketing 

We implemented a strategy for your organization, evaluating the channels with the greatest impact on your admission goals, we have developed the messages and we have also monitored the results with creativity.

Admission call center 

We create a support, a communication channel, a neuroselling plan and we execute it with an experienced team of academic advisors, who help those interested in deciding on your programs. 

Fee Collection 

We have bank accounts, contact points, and methods of payment, with multiple currencies and in most countries, simplifying the way your students can pay for your services.

Electronic Certificates 

We carry out the electronic issuance of records, certificates and diplomas, all of these with digital signatures, permanent URL, verification QR, a system that can be integrated into your LMS or ERP.



If you want to quote our services, or need our support in your digital transformation process, or whether you want your educational institution to have a digital thinking and to take advantage of technology, you should contact us by the following media: 

ID Company Founded: 2018
Registration code: 14598024
VAT number: EE102290815